Terminal Hotel


Pioneer Room is a modern, multimedia-type, 500 m2 space. It is truly one of a kind. What makes it so special?It is the only venue in Lower Silesia accoutred with:

  • Eco-friendly LED lighting
  • Full RGBW
  • FULL HD screening
  • Large projection screen (100 m2)
  • Wideband internet connection

Additionally, the Pioneer room is equipped with:

  • a stage platform (L: 5m x W:4m)
  • professional sound equipment and lighting
  • a screen and projector
  • air-conditioning
  • flipchart

Due to our state-of-the-art audiovisual technology,this facility is perfectly suited for any kind of event.

Another highlight of the room is its location on the ground floor, which makes it possible to place a car inside the venue.