Terminal Hotel


Dear Guests,

Out of concern for the safety of our guests and employees, bearing in mind the current situation in the country and the recommendations introduced by the Minister of Health concerning the prevention of the spread of coronavirus SARS-COV-2, we kindly inform that new operating standards have been introduced in the Hotel Terminal. These rules are valid until further notice.


  1. Only 1 Guest can be at the Reception Desk.
  2. Upon arrival, the Receptionist takes a body temperature measurement using a non-contact thermometer. In case of an elevated temperature, a minimum of 38℃ or other visible symptoms such as coughing, rhinitis, dyspnea, respiratory problems, the employee has the right not to check in the Guest, however, the measurement should be repeated to confirm the situation with the elevated temperature.

ATTENTION! If you are a person under quarantine, unfortunately, you cannot take it with us. If you feel bad and have an elevated temperature, please cancel your arrival, as we will not be able to host you.

  1. The staff of the Reception Desk staff serves the Guests in disposable gloves, masks or visors. In order to ensure safe space for Guests and Employees a special cover has also been installed.
  2. According to the Hotel Regulations, you are required to submit an “Epidemic Statement” during check-in.
  3. Before filling in the registration card, we recommend disinfecting your hands with the sanitizer , which is available at the reception desk.
  4. All pens, room cards and other devices are disinfected after each use by the Guests.
  5. Preference is given to non-cash payments including “BLIK”. After each use by the Guest, the payment terminal is disinfected.
  6. Only registered Guests are allowed to stay in the hotel.
  7. There is a possibility to buy disposable protective masks at the Hotel Reception Desk.


  1. During your stay, hotel rooms are not cleaned. If you wish to make up your room, change towels or bedding, please inform the Reception. It is recommended to contact the Reception by phone no. 900 or by e-mail at the address: hotel@terminalhotel.pl.
  2. It is forbidden to use hotel blow dryers in the hotel bathrooms.
  3. After each guest’s stay, the rooms are disinfected and misting. Each hotel room is generally cleaned, and all surfaces such as the top, tap, toilet seat, desk, handles, switches, air conditioning controllers, TV remote control are disinfected with special disinfectants.
  4. All hotel rooms are ventilated after each stay for at least 20 minutes.
  5. After the departure of the guest, room is covered as long as possible waiting time for the next check-in.


  1. A special breakfast menu has been introduced, which is individually prepared for each Guest.
  2. Breakfast is served in a plate form to the room or in the hotel restaurant.
  3. To order breakfast to the room, please inform the Reception a day in advance by phone at 900 or by e-mail at the address: hotel@terminalhotel.pl.
  4. Other catering services are not provided at this time. The hotel restaurant is closed until further notice.


  1. The General Zones of the Hotel are a public space, in which there is an absolute requirement for both Hotel Employees and Hotel Guests to wear masks.
  2. The hotel constantly disinfects in specific time sequences surfaces such as: panel with buttons in the elevator, handles, reception desk (after each Guest), reception fronts and other surfaces.
  3. Sanitizer is available in many areas of the Hotel for guests and employees.

Thank you for your understanding and we count on your compliance with the above rules.

We wish you a pleasant stay!